Quantum Light Location Network energy progress for 2021

Greetings , Dia Dhuit! A Chara, Hello Friends☪

I invite you to read with me through my returning vision reveiwing upon the gone timeframe known as 2021. We leave this time behind us, the year 5 numerologically, considered a changeable infuence with much to experience , perhaps to lose, to redefine ourselves by, we leave it behind us as we ‘ Push on’ into our next stage of 2022, the stable influence of 6 comes into play.

I turn my attention backwards for a moment to take stock of 2021 compiling the story of completed energy work that we took upon ourselves as a ‘lightwarrior’ group in action based in Ireland, the group I was guided when in meditation to get organising where I heard the phrase

“Boots on the Ground”

And so after I received this message a small core group came together named Q L L N or the Quantum Light Location Network. Very little in the beginning can be organised by me initially, I wait for the invitation from spirit to guide me to what it needs me to do and where I need to go. Certain astrological dates can have an influence and it is not until I arrive at the destination that I begin to intuit the connections.

I wish to share the thread of a story that weaves its way though the magical terrain of what once was a land known as Eriú/ Erin, it true origin name.

 A mystical land holding so much deep within it, still yet to be discovered, healed and RECALIMED by the many not just by the ones born on this soil but by those many First/second/Third generations of the many that had to leave.

 Time spent waiting , hoping, crying and dying for not setting thier abused immigrant eyes on this Blessed and at the same time cursed land. 

 The many I speak of will return to reclaim, to rise reborn from the Ashes of their lost, forgotten name.

Bridging the old with new that is what we do as Quantum Shamans /Healers/lightworkers integrating the Self through shadow work.

As the year began in 2021, the first inclination I had of February’s energy, is when it came forward with sounds familiar like the ocean calling a fish out to sea. And here begins our theme for the year as I was guided to the water and heard the words…


Lough Gur

And so our first trip took us to Lough gur an ancient old prechristian site in county Limerick, Munster province, you can read more about the historical significance by clicking the link below..


The day we went to this spell binding place we had an unusually sunny day, we stayed all day long making the most of the peaceful energy here. It is well known that a NASA scientist came to this location making numerous trips to conduct his specialist tests here.

It is interesting to contemplate why and what would NASA want with this area? What were they looking for? I can tell you that they didnt find it, thank God! Lough Gur is so protected by the Divine realms, not to mention the Sidhe (she) the wee fairy folk, no ungodly agency managed to interfere with the frequency held here for centuries.

Lough Derg

On to our next destination, we found ourselves on the shores of Lough Derg, the largest lake in Ireland.

It was nearing the end of June right before the mid-summer solstice, I found myself with an unwavering call to head off to Killaloe for the day, despite the weather being quite dull, the instinct was strong, I hear the call , I honour the mission. Upon arriving on the shore of Lough Derg, I sensed the immediate urgency of immersing myself in the cooling lake water, where only the swans were gliding upon the silken water, I’m sure not one bit bothered by the overcast weather.

I got myself into the water, it was cold, it was fresh and it was enlivening! Then the energy responds, the flow of information and insight begins. The detail of which I cannot share unfortunatly to guarantee the safe continuation of the sacred healing work iniated within the lake, the mountains surrounding it, the many underground waterways and the most sacred of all, when we look to the sky, not forgetting that serene reflection of the water transporting us to the cosmos, the galactic star portals.

‘As above , so Below.’



As we travel on, we head to this very royal sacred site in the center of Eiru. The Hill of the Kings, Queens, Druids and Druidessess where ancient ceremonial rituals were carried out. We were met by a tourist guide, as she walked us along an ancient well worn path way, we discoverd this was the ceremonial path traversed upon all those many many eons before us, the people we emerged from never quite knowing if we would have the same remembrance and reverance for their ancient rites of passage.

How do they look upon us as we tred along on the faithful soil?

Myself and one of my companions from QLLN looked at each other before words were uttered we both were experiencing the same thing.

We were not alone here, high above us flying overhead, our Dear Dragons of Uisneach Hill were coming in, the energy process of cleansing negative energy turning it into a higher frequency , the recyling and renewal process begun. What is the connection here to water you may ask? Think of this location as if it were a fountain, a spring where the codes flow through the majesty of our royal lineage, flowing from the heavens upon the anointed ones here on this revered location.


  • center point meeting place of the 5 provinces
scotias grave

This was undoubtedly the highlight of our year for the QLLN group. A series of connected Shamanic/meditative journeys brought me to the sublime powerful energy of the egyptian Queen Scotia whom is one of a few pharaohs buried in Ireland. She arrived here reportedly in 100 B.C and fought with the Tuatha De Danann on sliabh Mish in Co. Kerry.

Of course it makes sense, the gradual move through the country entering into each county as we go, water the feminine element, graceful, powerful, life sustaining, submerging us in the womb and washing our material bodys at the end of the day, the cleansing renewal promise of life starts all over again.

Think of the great bodys of water Scota navigated to arrive on these ancient shores, even the notion that they knew we were here, discovered and much navigated. How much are we unaware of? How much knowledge is kept from us by self appointed authoritys?

Our Myths, the legends, the lore, dumbed down by some other force keeping these legends in valuts away from our eyes.

The presence of Scota here in Scotas Glen, Co.Kerry is indeed mighty. And this visit deserves a post all of its own , when it is written, the link will be posted here to continue the energy weaving through the landscape.

Bridgets Well

One of many in Ireland/Eriu are natural water wells springing up from within the deep earth all over the country, there are literally hundreds of them and mostly called after a saint. Saints whicn often are derived from the early Christian or pagan ways of which one in particular remains in the heart of the Irish nation is Bridget.

We travelled to this well srpring of water, drinking from it, filling up our cup. The Blessed nourishment was greatly revered at one point , only a few today still visit these wells. The healing abilities associated with this well in the county of Limerick near the Kerry border is to restore eyesight.

This is a place when you arrive, bridgets loving cloak is felt enraptruing you within her joyous heart. The peaceful atmosphere here will draw you in, you cannot but help surrender to it.

This brings me to end of 2021, for now.

Bridgets Well

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