What is the Practice of Shielding and Why Do I Shield?

Of recent I noticed while online the above question arises within the light warrior communities quite a bit and sometimes quite divisively too splitting many people into two groups. Those who do. And those who dont.! Shield I mean. For me as a professional A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H practitioner it is a must. I’m in the group of ‘those who do’.

On a personal level, as someone whom consciously works in the astral level, it is a must to shield when encountering malevolent energies.

Who is say whether it is right or wrong? Shielding is right for me and when I dont shield, I know the difference within my energy and auric fields. We are all experiencing various energetic sensations within our own realms of life, be it touch, smell, sound, taste, feelings, knowing , these are the guiding forces to your greatest expansion of our sovereign selves. This article is not to convince you to shield, it is not to declare different perspectives from mine as being wrong. This is simply an article for you to know more about my experience as an empathic, intuitive creatrix consciously working with unseen energetics daily. So to answer the first question… And to download a free copy of a simple regular practice of shielding to get you started.. click below

What is Shielding?

Shielding is the practice of intentionally connecting with your own divine source of Love/light and asking for this energy to encase you within a loving protective sphere of Light, this process is continued by asking other Angels and guides to place energy shields around you also. This layering of energy is extra energetic protection to enhance your own Auric Field. Who wouldn’t want that!!

The act of working intentionally with your own Love/Light energy for the purposes of shielding/creating protection around you on a daily basis is similar to the act of reciting a much loved daily prayer. You are inviting in the spirit of the divine for which ever purpose even if you are not aware of its impact at the time.

The world is changing and our understanding of energy, prayer, spiritual practices is changing too. When we shield daily we can feel the strength of our own energy frequency , it enhances our own innate connection to the inner creative divine spark which is where our true power and governance of sovereignty resides. With regular energy work focused on yourself, your immediate loved ones and family, shifts in low vibrational energy begin the transmuting process into Love and Light with each time you decide to empower your own energetics.

The proof is in the pudding. The only time we have is now to make this commitment to ourselves. And then sit back and observe the subtle changes happening around you.

I have included here a free pdf of a introduction practice of shielding to get you started.

aurora rising phoenix aurora
Aurora of Rising Phoenix Aurora

Aurora is the founder of A.U.R.A Hypnosis technique, R.A.A.H reiki and several other high frequency channelled teachings as well as the teacher of shielding techniques using Love/Light energy.

C.C Ireland

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