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Through an AURA Hypnosis session from a beautiful Irish Lightwarrior, a collective of thousands of reptilians enslaved within the mountain range of The Dingle peninsula were aided to transmute to love again.

Restoring The Organic Timelines The Awakened That are Unawakened – A shared Roundtable journey.

A.U.R.A past life Regression | PART 1 of 3 parts| The Goddess and The Troll

Buddha makes an appearance! A.U.R.A regression for generational healing of Irish ancestors

AURA Regression | Listening technology |

Protection while in our sleeping/ Dreaming states

Catching up with His-Story. This video is about the systems we have all been a part of one way or another but mostly I wanted to speak a bit regarding the version of history we have been taught.


Listening Technology | A.U.R.A Regression Session Activate Awake with the Quantum celt

#auraregression #selfhealing    This is a section from a longer AURA Regression  session where listening technology was transferred into the clients home. It is remarkable how easily she detects it and without hesitation or fear her Higher self brings through so much energy and self directed power to remove these obstacles causing infringement to her.   The video clip of this is hosted on my website.   Siobhán is a Celtic Shamanka, a natural Intuitive, a Channel,  AURA, and RAAH Reiki Hypnosis practitioner and Oracle/Akashic reader.  Founder of Irish Lightwarrior Telegram channel and group 'Quantum Light Location network' see my website for further details about this.   To book appointments for my offerings email me at   Find me on Social media     ♥️ Looking to book a session? For details on my services, availability, and prices?     Visit my website:    Read my Bio on A.U.R.A Practitioners directory website here:      ☯ To find out more about this work, you can read more exclusive content in Auroras epic book,  Go check out Aurora the founder of A.U.R.A Hypnosis technique and R.A.A.H   Reiki healing.                    For legal purposes: Siobhán is not a licensed physician, please see your Doctor for health concerns
  1. Listening Technology | A.U.R.A Regression Session
  2. The Value of our DNA | Ancestral / Genetic connections| World War 3 wants you.
  3. Channelled message from Scotia to Women| CELTIC Sovereignty as The Triple Goddess
  4. Into the Cave Guided meditation
  5. Princess Meritaten/ Scotias Grave/ An Irish Pharonic Princess–True Origin History

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