1.What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is any form of healing energy that is “sent” across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done one on one with video/audio online in Zoom or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner.

This form of healing is equally effective in person because, in alternative energy healing and holistic practices, we are working with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of an individual by accessing your energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner. It only requires your consent and permission from your Higher Self to allow access.

2. The Illusion of Time and Space

The archetypal perception that most of us live in this physical reality is one that is conditional and dual. What does that mean exactly? Well, for most of us, our experience of this physical reality is governed by the perceptions that time and space are real and fixed. We live inside of time and space means that our perceptions are locked into this paradigm that things are not only separated by distance, but that time only moves in one direction forward.

This perception, particularly the perception of time, is one of the things that keeps us firmly rooted in the physical world and yet at the same time may also limit our ability to manifest change and experience instant healings.  Shamanic healers will tell you that time is an “illusion”.

This illusion exists only because we have believed it to be true and serves a good purpose—it keeps us grounded in the physical experience which is right where we need to be to live and go about our daily activities. But at the same time, this perception can limit us from a greater understanding and experience of life. The good news is that like all perceptions, this illusion of time and space can be transcended or altered at will with proper practice.

Energy is not limited by space or time so distance sessions that are energy healing and Reiki for example are just as effective through online sessions as sessions that are done in person.  The online Zoom sessions with video/audio allow the healer and the client to interact together with one on one as if you are there in person as you can easily speak with the healer, and you will see the healer directing and sending you the healing energy as well the healer will often describe what they are healing within your body or what they have discovered during the intuitive body scan process of the session.

The healer when doing a distance energy healing with a client goes beyond the physical state of healing, as physical touch is not required to energetically heal someone, the healer is connecting with the clients energetic body which is intertwined with the client’s physical state of existence so through accessing the energetics of a person’s auric fields and other energy fields in the body the healer can locate blockages in the body, diseases, ailments, and physical pains by working with the energetic body of the client thereby healing the physical aspects that is pain, etc.

3.How Does a Healer Transcend Time and Space?

When a healer facilitates a distance healing, he or she is going outside of time and space. She or he is altering their perception by any number of techniques. In the Theta healing technique for example the practitioner slows her/his brainwaves to the theta wave which activates what is known in shamanism as the “waking dream” state. She or he is changing their perception or vantage point to a place where time and space are not fixed, where there is no separation between things and where time flows not only forward but backward. Where in time she or he decides to go is dependent only on where she or he decides to place their intention.

5.Online Zoom Healing

The majority of distance healings that I do are online Zoom sessions. At times I may do the healing session at a separate time where the client does not need to be in the Zoom meeting, however, for most of the sessions the reading and healing requires the active participation of the client and so having them on in Zoom is necessary to accomplish the work.

As was mentioned earlier some healers will tell you that the healing is “traveling” over the fiber optics of the Zoom online connection or the phone line, but really it has nothing to do with that. The online Zoom or phone connection is only necessary so that the healer can communicate with you, get feedback, permission, etc. The healing transcends time and space and the physical online Zoom or phone line has nothing to do with the efficacy of the healing.

6. What will I feel when you are doing the energy healing session?

When I am doing the energy healing session you could be feeling warmth, heat, tingling, sometimes cold sensations, a sense of relaxation, and well-being as the healing energy is traveling in your body to where it needs to be. Many people often feel quite tired afterward and in need of sleep after an energy session is concluded.

7. What if I don’t feel quite ready for an A.U.R.A. session? Do you offer a service to guide me towards a successful A.U.R.A. in the future? 

Yes, I offer 2 options a R.A.A.H Reiki Angelic Alchemy session or an Oracle card/Akashic reading.

8.  Who is the Higher Self? 

It is that little voice inside your mind and heart, that has been trying to guide you all your life. That voice that tries to warn you, steer you a certain path that is for your highest good, that sounds like your voice, that knows things that you don’t understand how it knows. At the beginning of our Creation, the Creator fractalized into many, from that connection those fractals became the Higher Self/Over Souls. Therefore the Higher Self is the YOU that is connected to the ALL in oneness, your soul that holds all the answers, wisdom, Healing, knowledge you have been in search of all your life.

9. Do I have control once I am hypnotized?

 Absolutely! Your higher self/soul is in charge from beginning to end. They decide what past life they will be showing you for your highest healing. They protect you with love-light energy conducted during the induction. You are here because your Higher Self in the Spirit realm has already contacted my Higher Self, that you would come to me, and we would aid you through hypnosis healing. We are now just bringing it into fruition physically, for it has already been created spiritually and energetically by you/your higher self. 

10. Who and what can RAAH be performed on? 

Clients of all ages, all animals, the land, homes. Examples, our own children who received immunization shots, our spouses who are not or are partially awakened, our animals who have illnesses, those in Hospice to aid their transition…

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