Diana, Switzerland.

I needed help with many things in my life so I booked a RAAH reiki healing and an AURA hypnosis session with Siobhán. She is amazingly intuitive, very nice, and friendly, you feel safe and calm when having a session with her. In the RAAH session, she worked a lot on me cleaning a lot of negative things out. In the AURA session, she was guiding me with expertise in my journey of self-healing, knowing exactly when and what to ask from me to achieve the best understanding and the highest healing. Since the sessions, my life changed significantly better in many areas of my life. Some of the changes are: before the sessions I had terrible migraines for many years and now they are gone, I used to fall into despair easily if life was not working out for me as I imagined it to work and now I am able to step out of the situation and look at it from another perspective without me being desperate or crushed. Thank you Siobhán for your help, I am grateful that the Celestial Guidance brought me to you! 

Diana . Switzerland

Highly recommended. I needed help with both of my children, my daughter 15 at that time my son 13. Siobhán approached them with a lot of empathy and had a lot of good insights. She is very intuitive and the healing sessions went very well, both of my children said that they were relaxed and the time just flew very quickly by. My daughter and my son are doing well now.

Jennifer Starwater

I recently had an aura hypnosis session with Siobhan and it had a huge impact. She asks you to provide questions before the session, and then safely leads you deep into your highest self for answers. I saw many visuals that helped me strengthen my outlook on the future, and help me remember what I am working towards. She is very skilled at feeling and reading and interpreting energy. I would 100% recommend her work to anyone wishing to deepen their connection to their highest self. Thank you

Michelle. Ireland

aura hypnosis ireland

Hello my name is Michelle,

I had an Aura session in July with Siobhan and it was quite profound. I cleared up so many questions I needed answers to and been in connection to my higher self through hypnosis made it easier for me to connect easier with that part of me afterwards. The connections I have grew stronger and I felt a lot of expansion in my third eye after all the clearing we did. I experienced some profound insights into my life and also in my life as an energy worker. I felt protected throughout the session by my guides and guardians. It’s opened up a new perspective for me and I totally recommend a session with Siobhan. Money can’t buy the transformations that occurred on so many levels, so be brave and have a go you won’t regret it.

Noreen. u.s.a

aura hypnosis ireland

My experience with Siobhán and her services were wonderful! Siobhán was prompt when answering questions prior to booking a R.A.A.H session. The booking process was simple and easy.  Siobhán made sure to provide plenty of information to prepare you for the session and gave detailed instruction on how to continue to support yourself afterwards.  Siobhán was very thorough when explaining what occurred during the session, and passed on any pertinent information that she picked up on. You can tell how much integrity Siobhán embodies when doing this work. It is truly done with love and with the intention of helping people step into their own sovereignty and healing. I certainly felt a lot lighter and clearer after the session. A truly incredible experience! Thank you Siobhán! 

J. S. from Ireland

aura hypnosis ireland

I found Siobhan through Aurora Quezada. I found on the lead up to the session the blockages were beginning to a breakthrough in my meditations. She put me at ease and the 5 hours passed like a few minutes.

L. from Ireland

aura hypnosis ireland

I had a wonderful experience with Siobhán as my practitioner over the course of our AURA sessions. Siobhan is evidently a natural healer and is strongly empathic. I could not have asked for a better healer to help guide me on my own healing journey. She explained everything I was to expect before the session and made me feel at ease. I feel that I gained a lot from our session and have made huge progress that I couldn’t have done on my own. Siobhán offers the best guidance and healing for anyone who is looking for a helping hand on their own spiritual journey.