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A Chara! Friend,

Thank you for trusting your soul spirit guiding you here to me

We have survived living in a world where we have been taught that we are limited beings living in a limited existence where we must constantly strive for certain material gain, that there is nothing beyond death or only heaven or hell. We learn to un-trust our instincts and deny that our imagination is real, kept distracted by our daily monotonous routines. In a world where if we get ill, we might not ever find a cure for it or we will have to be on an ongoing cycle of prescription drugs or surgeries.

Have you ever felt deep within your soul that this just does not feel right?

Discover the world of who you truly are and who you have been in past or future life’s! The world of Quantum Healing through past life regression. Where you have been a queen/king, an animal, a person in history, life in Egypt, in Atlantis, a different planet, a different being… The majority of people have lived hundreds or thousands of lives at different times upon Earth or other realities!

Why have you chosen to be born here on this planet, with this family? What is your life’s purpose?

Why did you choose your parents?

At crossroads, what should you do next in your life? Discover the answers straight from the connection of your soul!

Disease or illness stem forth from energetic imbalances in the Human body through our emotions, vibrations, karmic energy, chakra points… Your body is made to be able to self-heal and will try to talk to you through, certain aches, discomforts or illness. We have found that at times we can carry over allergies, illness, birthmarks, from past life’s.

The insights when brought to the surface release emotional triggers you may have been experiencing. People say they feel lighter, more expansive with clarity and obtain a clearer understanding of themselves. It also opens up one’s awareness of choices with more certainty. There is also an energetic exchange experienced by most, and people reporting ease of physical ailments. For example, if you died of a gunshot to the heart and now you have heart problems. That energy might be carried over to this current life needing to be quantum karmically healed. We have also discovered that chemicals within our food, our water, our air, our intakes are root causes to illness.

Enter the Theta brainwave of hypnosis safely to bring forth memories of your existence, Quantum Heal your body, find your life purpose, answers you seek, to speak to your soul, your higher self who is you! The higher self/oversoul who is one with the Creator who knows all!

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In Service to ALL.

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Remembering OURStory| Calling back Queen Scotia| A Pharonic Princess in Eire.

Once upon a time…………………….nah!!!!!………..its not one of those stories. This is a story about history. OURStory I would like to rename it. A true story hardly ever been told and definitly not being heralded loudly enough by our historians and academics. One has to question why? Because in reality the real story is infinitly more fascinating. What is this story about…

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Quantum Light Location Network energy progress for 2021

Greetings , Dia Dhuit! A Chara, Hello Friends☪ I invite you to read with me through my returning vision reveiwing upon the gone timeframe known as 2021. We leave this time behind us, the year 5 numerologically, considered a changeable infuence with much to experience , perhaps to lose, to redefine ourselves by, we leave it behind us as we ‘…

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What is the Practice of Shielding and Why Do I Shield?

Shielding is the practice of intentionally connecting with your own divine source of Love/light and asking for this energy to encase you within a loving protective sphere of Light, this process is continued by asking other Angels and guides to place energy shields around you also. This layering of energy is extra energetic protection to enhance your own Auric Field. Who…

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Buddha drops by with some enlightenment advice! Newest A.U.R.A Hypnosis session.

This recent special session contains valuable information from Buddha whom came through as a fractal of the clients Higher Self. This session will only be available here on my website and privately on YouTube. This session also contains a wonderful ancestral generational healing for a long held family genetic disorder. There is no limits, no boundaries, nothing that cannot be transformed…

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We’re in this together!

Today I finally got around to doing the physical work that my spiritual self is so far ahead on. Did you know that it can take up to three years for the physical body to catch up with the soul and the spiritual lessons and healings before the energy is fully in sync together. But as time is speeding up I…

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Soul Harvesting/ Soul Saving missions. A call for Healers.

Today I finally got around to doing the physical work that my spiritual self is so far ahead on, did you know that it can take up to 3 years for the physical body to catch up with the soul and spiritual lessons and healings before the energy is fully in sync together. But as time is speeding up I think…

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Welcome!! to the Quantum Celtic Way, the way of the Celtic shaman…

Dreaming for Real.. The Gifts our Dreams are bringing us Lets go more into this to understand what’s happening when we dream, And what is relevant about or dreams when put into certain contexts. I’m writing this post in the unforgettable , historic year of 2020, for so many reasons, an epic year, life will never be the same again, it…

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In order to expand, we must first learn to contract.

Beneath I have embedded a deep meditation, recorded with my voice. This is a divinely guided lead meditation guiding you on the journey inwards where we discover we are truly never alone on this life journey we are treading on even if we feel we are all alone. In the cave, we see parts of ourselves that we need to release, the darkness from within in order to lighten our souls for our planned ascension and soul evolution. We must contract inwards, see whatever it is we need to see, with the assistance of our Higher self we find ourselves in the cave, letting go of what no longer truly serves us.

This is a recording of one of my earliest Hypnosis sessions.

You can also find more uploads from me on YouTube with other messages. I first began to talk about being an Empath on YouTube, I wasn’t at all clear about what I was doing, honestly, it was a massive ‘out of my comfort zone thing for me to do. As an Empathic individual, I definitely want to stay in the background but alas I cannot force myself or let any of society’s conditioning around whom I’m supposed to be , have permission over my Light Warrior and Star seed mission. I have been called into duty.

I Honour The calling. I Honour the Mission.


A Chara! Welcome Friend,

My name is Siobhán and I’m Irish, living in Ireland, a Celtic empathic Woman connected to the land, my Celtic wisdom, and Sidhe (fae) family. From a young age I awoke, I contained a strong sense of connection to source/God/Jesus/Love whichever you may want to call it. I connected the internal heart-mind to the environment around me and further into the outer realms of space and time. I knew there was life or existence beyond what I was told to believe by my human family.

Through training in different healing modalities, I noticed the health benefits to the overall wellbeing of myself, friends and animal kin when applying different energy techniques to aid challenges that appear. But it was not until I discovered AURA and RAAH therapy techniques that I knew so many pieces of the puzzle of life’s unanswered questions formed together.

UNITY in my energy field, PEACE within and without were two bountiful results I received through receiving the teachings of Aurora Rising Phoenix alchemy teachings.

This alchemizing of my higher self is the complete gift that any of us can receive and of which I look forward to being able to bring this forward for you and many, many others who so ask for it. 

AURA Hypnosis is a Quantum healing modality encompassing total integration for the mind, body and soul. Through performing deep energy work using alchemy symbols first and then inducing hypnosis, a deep , clear connection is developed with the Higher self which continues long after the healing.

How does AURA Hypnosis and past life regression help?

By connecting intently to your higher self  it helps define your purpose in life, by connecting with the relevant past experience to bring the greatest amount of awareness into your life and answering the many questions you can prepare before having the session. Energy blocks are located and removed allowing vast amounts of high-frequency angelic light to enter where it couldn’t access before.

What to expect from a session:

After making your appointment I will email you ways to prepare for your Hypnosis session to optimize for the best possible results. Plan on 4/5 hrs for the entire process. Don’t make any other plans on the day of your session. Make sure that you have a quiet environment so your subconscious can give you the experiences and healing that you need. 

 First there is the consultation so we can set the intention for what you are wanting in the session. Your session will be recorded for later viewing and if you want to share it with others. During the session you must be alone because having someone else’s energy in the room will interfere with the session so it is not allowed. You will feel safe and comfortable during the session. The higher self makes sure of this. Approach the session with a sense of wonder. Be curious and trust in the process. The information in the session is strictly confidential. It is up to you what you share afterwards. 


Please wear light colored clothing and wear a microphone/ and or headphones or placing your phone close to you,  because under hypnosis your voice may be quiet and hard to hear. If you have selenite you can place it on your right side and black tourmaline or a grounding crystal to your left side. Pick a comfortable place either your bed or a recliner that is in a quiet place. It is common to feel groggy and a bit dizzy afterwards which usually goes away in ten minutes. Drinking water is essential. Avoid demanding activity and No driving for the rest of the day.    


After your session: I will email you information about shielding your energy and ways to optimize your healing afterwards. Your session will be emailed  to you and it is recommended to watch it for further healing. There will be information that you forgot about as well. Ground yourself with healthy food.    Maintaining a high vibration gives you the best healing results.                              

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose. This is a self healing modality and the results vary from person to person. The spiritual healing comes from the clients higher self and is voluntary.

Lets get to Living

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Appointments are available to book through  email :

I am here to connect you to you, to heal and serve. Lets Begin💜💜

J. S. from Ireland

Healing services | Offerings |

Welcome to my online Healing space! a little corner of the world where I inhabit. Below you will find my main services I am offering. Individually they pack a punch of change and healing and have been fundamental in my own inner learning that these 3 offerings stand to deliver great transformation.

AURA – Regression Hypnosis Healing Therapy


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R.A.A.H Reiki healing session


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8 card oracle reading


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3 Card Oracle Reading


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5 Card Oracle Reading


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Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading


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Land & House Clearings

/ Activations


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I received an aura hypnosis session from Siobhan a few weeks ago and have already seen the benefits of her amazing healing abilities by different positive experiences occurring since the healing session. Aura hypnosis is a very deep and effective healing session and Siobhan is a natural born empath and unique healer with an amazing ability to heal at the deepest level. Siobhan has a fantastic ability to listen and tune into your individual healing needs. I would highly recommend an aura hypnosis healing session with Siobhan.

C.C Ireland

All Sessions are hosted online through Zoom.

Pathway to your Spiritual upliftment The Quantum Celtic way


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Galactic updates & Irelands Light warrior Telegram group

Quantum Light Location Network.

Dia Dhuit A chara! Welcome Friend!

As we enter 2021 a number 5 year, our new year for us in the western world under the Gregorian calendar, it feels like full steam ahead with the new beginnings and resolutions. So over the christmas holiday of 2020 a number 4 year in numerology, lots of new beginnings are happening in the collective and cumulated for myself within the inner realms of my contemplative cave where now I’m being nudged out of the cave to share more of my work, talk more about energy and basically heed the call to the mission.

I am by no means a master nor a leader, I am an Empath and from that core experience everything else has sprung. I spent most of 2020 in quiet contemplation, meditation and gestating on the visions, dreams and guidance I have been given the privilage to know..

So as it stands now, as we came right to the end of December I was asked to take a bigger step to heed the calling to service. This has resulted in my

Telegram channel and group ‘ Quantum Light Location Network

What is it about?

As the name suggests it is a group which is location based, meaning, As a StarSeed , Lightwarrior, Empath based in Ireland, I was recently given the task during meditation to create a’Geographical Location Group’ for energy workers/healers/intuitives living in Ireland to coordinate our energies as one.

This was the guidance I received in a deep meditation where I was on a journey with an ArchAngel, we flew to a mountain top in Ireland where we undertook much needed and speedy closing of a negative portal opening. We closed this down and it was here I was told to start a group to bring together energy workers on the land of Ireland in order for us to gather our collective abilities to work as one in the transmuting of negativity from the land, or whatever form that may present itself going forward.

Since the turning of the key in ULURU on the 21st December , for more about this, I was given a message for the collective about this, you can listen to it below..

a large scale flushing out of the lands is happening, so much residue of negative energies are being risen from the dregs of the earth where they no longer can inhabit, the light quotient is too strong now, in order to have some damage control as this energy tries to go elsewhere we in this Telegram group will conduct part of this neccessary work.


Where there is dark there is also Light

I have been transmuting the shadow work for years, I have grounded in the Light on many locations physically, now it is not so easy to travel around but never mind we have Telegram, this is the reason why we need many feet on the ground in many locations throughout Ireland all doing the work of bringing in the Light, transmuting the negative with LOVE/LIGHT Energy.

As a member of the Quantum Light Location network, I have included my training for working with the Love/Light energy shields with grounding and a short, quick ( I promise) meditation style visualisation.

This is a mission based group for Light warriors, Your own energy hygiene is a vital part of the work and responsibility towards the groups integrity and ALL of its members.

Full trainings and guidance will be provided.

See the videos below

What will we be doing?

  • Closing down negative portals if and when needed to
  • Assisting with establishing portals of light
  • Acting as conduits to allow the light frequency’s flow through to be grounded into Mother Earth
  • Co-ordinating times and dates for group/collective healing work as the guidance comes forward.
  • Unifying the Irish Lightwarrior/Starseed community
  • Assisting with activations of key star Portals

This is a private channel and group. It is by invite only.

Email me below with all of your questions and to receive the link.