Diana, Switzerland.

I needed help with many things in my life so I booked a RAAH reiki healing and an AURA hypnosis session with Siobhán. She is amazingly intuitive, very nice, and friendly, you feel safe and calm when having a session with her. In the RAAH session, she worked a lot on me cleaning a lot of negative things out. In the AURA session, she was guiding me with expertise in my journey of self-healing, knowing exactly when and what to ask from me to achieve the best understanding and the highest healing. Since the sessions, my life changed significantly better in many areas of my life. Some of the changes are: before the sessions I had terrible migraines for many years and now they are gone, I used to fall into despair easily if life was not working out for me as I imagined it to work and now I am able to step out of the situation and look at it from another perspective without me being desperate or crushed. Thank you Siobhán for your help, I am grateful that the Celestial Guidance brought me to you! 

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