Daniela (u.s.a)

My first experience with AURA hypnosis was one that really catapulted me into an avalanche of healing.  The way Siobhan guided the session, asking the right questions, guiding and directing the healing process I performed was nothing short of amazing. Her intuitive resistance to my own fears trying to shut down the session allowed for me to get even more healing than my ego-mind was prepared for. Relistening to my session, I am still stunned at how I connect more parts spoken months ago to the process I am going through in this now moment, assisting me in deeper integration and releasing what is needed. I would suggest that people interested in this kind of deep healing really ask themselves if they are ready to heal and ready to be open to the power we have within us to perform that healing.  Without that desire and belief, the entire process will be hobbled.  You will get healing, indeed, but having that commitment, both in the preparation and the aftercare will really expand the experience. This modality offers healing in ways you may not even know could be possible.

If you are reading this, I wish you all the best in your healing journey and send love and courage needed for you to take the steps needed to start. 

You got this! – and remember – you have a legion of Angels standing at the ready to assist!

love and light,

Daniela E

AURA Session December 2021

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