C.C Ireland

I received an aura hypnosis session from Siobhan a few weeks ago and have already seen the benefits of her amazing healing abilities by different positive experiences occurring since the healing session. Aura hypnosis is a very deep and effective healing session and Siobhan is a natural born empath and unique healer with an amazing ability to heal at the deepest level. Siobhan has a fantastic ability to listen and tune into your individual healing needs. I would highly recommend an aura hypnosis healing session with Siobhan.

L. M Ireland

I had a wonderful experience with Siobhán as my practitioner over the course of our AURA sessions. Siobhan is evidently a natural healer and is strongly empathic. I could not have asked for a better healer to help guide me on my own healing journey. She explained everything I was to expect before the session and made me feel at ease. I feel that I gained a lot from our session and have made huge progress that I couldn’t have done on my own. Siobhán offers the best guidance and healing for anyone who is looking for a helping hand on their own spiritual journey.

J.S Ireland

I found Siobhan through Aurora Quezada. I found on the lead up to the session the blockages were beginning to a breakthrough in my meditations. She put me at ease and the 5 hours passed like a few minutes.