I had 2 RAAH sessions and an AURA with Siobhan, and it was the best decision I have ever made. She is patient and kind and is an amazing energy worker. I am an entirely new person with her help. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an energy boost, clearing, or to connect with your higher self.

I feel so blessed that I found Siobhan to help me along my journey. The first services I received from Siobhan were a few RAAH Reiki sessions. In our very first session she immediately picked up that this would be a different session than normal, and she was flexible enough to ensure the experience was exactly the healing I needed. Siobhan is an incredible seer, and healer, she is flexible, responsible, and kind. After my first session it opened up a whole new world for me, I was no longer weighed down by a particular entity closing down my throat. I then decided to have a second session of RAAH Reiki and in the same kind and loving fashion, Siobhan immediately knew what I needed, she removed more entities that stemmed from my environment, and my heart was instantly lighter. After that session, I began to see a difference in my living space, as it was very dense and heavy. After that session I felt I was ready for an AURA hypnosis session, at which I was reluctant due to doubt. The entire process of AURA was so loving and beautiful that my experience was equally beautiful. I was able to see a life that was holding me to certain people and situations and relive those moments to heal from them. Many entities were removed that had been with me for lifetimes. It was a several hour process that felt like 30 minutes! When i awoke from the process I knew I was a new person. The healing did not stop with just me; over the following weeks and months I began to see healing through my ancestral line. My journey with Siobhan does not end there, as I was cleared, I began to notice the density and disruptions in my home. My family and children were being directly affected and I was not sure what to do, so, I reached out to her to ask, through several sessions, Siobhan was able to get into my land and peel back layer by layer all the trauma and heavy energy that my land and my house held that was accrued over hundreds of years. She was also helpful in helping me cut destructive cords to an organization I had unknowingly allowed access to my entire family. I can finally say, after a long healing journey, that my family and I are no longer haunted or bothered by anything. The land and the house are light and so beautiful- there is even a difference in my animals. She not only cleared, but she gave me the tools to continue to clear my house, land, and family, she taught me how to keep everything and everyone protected. I am now on to a new chapter in my awakening journey, that would have been impossible to continue in the density myself and my family were in. Siobhan is a beautiful loving healer, and she is also a wonderful teacher and an even more amazing soul. She is here on a mission to help humanity, and she is doing an incredible job. Again, I feel blessed to have found her, and to know her. If you are struggling or feeling stuck on your journey, Siobhan will know how to assist you along your way. Bless you Siobhan, I am not sure I will ever be able to portray how grateful I am for your beautiful soul.
Much love always,

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