Land /Home clearings & Activations

Land / Home Clearings & Activations by RAAH Reiki

As a natural intuitive and empath I connect naturally into my origins, my ancestry lineage to learn from and trust my guidance as I work on clearing distortions from the land , buildings and the surrounding landscape. Click below to book a date, Once I receive your provisional booking I will email you to confirm and schedule your appointment with the relevant preparatory information.


Why would I need a Land or House Clearing?

  • Past and present negative emotions held in the memory of the home and land.
  • Sleepless nights
  • Past or present Illness/recurring Illnesses
  • Experiencing ongoing negative emotions, such as depression, anxiety, Stress, sadness possibility resulting in poor outcomes of self harm, suicidal thoughts or worse, chronic Illness or violence perpetrated.
  • Was there an experience of Trauma on or near your home and surrounding area.
  • A lot of unexplained bad luck
  • Having a general ‘uneasy feeling’ in the atmosphere, the rooms feeling darker despite sufficient light sources, animals or children refusing to enter certain rooms.
  • Ancestral History of the Home, attached buildings and the land.

When is a good time to House Cleanse?

  • Looking to start a fresh, New projects and new ideas
  • Moving into a new space
  • After personal or professional struggles
  • After a series of illness
  • When the occupants of the house change
  • When feeling stuck or stagnant
  • Great as part of New and Full moon rituals!

" Siobhán was everything she needed to be to facilitate the most amazing healing for me and the land where I live. Many beautiful insights and changes that will take me an age to realise. Thoroughly recommended! Bless you and your work Siobhán!" - Paul (u.K)
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