8 Card Oracle Reading

8 card oracle reading

Lets get in touch with your higher self, this is a gentler way to begin a process of healing where you are required only to listen and absorb the channeled messages, as sometimes we just dont have the energy to do intense healing work.


After confirming contact information with you by email, all appointments are done through Zoom. I will use the deck of your choosing to receive the card with the highest vibrational message for you. I will interpret the cards and other guidance that may come through from any of your spirit guides, Angels, Higher Dimensional beings or passed over loved ones if necessary. I always include extra vibrational advice in the form of recommending specific crystals or other help. I naturally channel light energy for you to receive what you need. Within this Zoom call a high vibrational healing space is created and the session is recorded for you to have forever more to continue to receive the healing vibrations generated within this sacred container.

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