Guide to shielding with Love/Light

Free Shielding Guide

For video explanations go to YouTube by clicking this link… Shielding Part 1 and Shielding part 2

You can also refer back to my Homepage where I have uploaded both of the above video guides by clicking on this link … Galactic updates/Homepage Shielding videos

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First we ground ourselves to Mother Earth, creating deep roots into the soil underneath your feet, down into the earth/ mother Gaia/Pachamama/Inner Earth

Begin by saying ‘ I am of God, I ground myself to the earth’

Begin to envision a red/brown color if this works for you to use color, See and feel this energy running up and down your legs as far as your root chakra and  lower hip/pelvis region.

This is a link to a short video showing how to place the shields around you

Practices on how to shield your energy–part 2

Creating your own Lovelight  Force fields/  Shields of protection.

Love/Light Force shields are original teachings from Rising Phoenix Aurora founder of A.U.R.A Hypnosis technique

  1. Light a candle, burn your incense, sage etc,  If you have a singing bowl/ a bell or symbols to ring, start by toning them,  Begin by rubbing your hands together in an anticlockwise direction to begin activating your heart chakras in the palms of your hands.
  2. Set the clear intention of connecting to your Higher self.
  3. From the palms of your hands you may be feeling some sensations or energy here, if not it doesn’t matter, continue the intention of channelling your own loveLight energy from your Higher self through the palms of your hands.
  4. Now set the intention or imagine this energy  expanding ALL around you completely encapsulating you and penetrating through all of your Auric layers.
  5. You are now going to envision your own Merkaba around you. See your Lovelight energy running through your Merkaba from the bottom upwards and flowing out the top of your Merkaba which flows downwards surrounding you, Now activating your Toroidal sphere.
  6. Now, is the time to call forward your spiritual team, dragons,elementals,guides,goddesses or whomever it is you feel drawn to call upon.
  7. Call forward Archangel Metatron, ask him to surround you in his purple shield of protection with the Metatronic Cubic star on the front of the shield and one placed on the back of this shield.
  8. Secondly, call forward a Golden Dragon and ask to be completely surrounded in his sacred white & golden flame shield. 
  9. Lastly, spend minimum of 2 minutes on ‘the Golden Infinity Breath Meditation’

Golden Infinity Breath Meditation.

Drawing in the breath.

Imagine golden balls of light within each one of your chakras.

Breathe out…Breathe In..envision the golden balls of light glowing brightly

Breathe out…with each exhalation see the golden light glowing brighter and brighter, getting bigger and bigger..

Keep doing this process for as long as is required until the golden balls of light are so large and bright they are now shining, radiating thoroughly through your physical body and all the auric layers spanning 20 feet outside of you.

Within the core of each source of golden ball of light we now envision the above symbol.

Stay with this meditation for as long as you want working with the flow of universal alchemy.

You are now ready to kick some spiritual badassery into shape!!


Ⓒcopyright The Celtic Empath

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