Galactic updates & Irelands Light warrior Telegram group

Quantum Light Location Network.

Dia Dhuit A chara! Welcome Friend!

As we enter 2021 a number 5 year, our new year for us in the western world under the Gregorian calendar, it feels like full steam ahead with the new beginnings and resolutions. So over the christmas holiday of 2020 a number 4 year in numerology, lots of new beginnings are happening in the collective and cumulated for myself within the inner realms of my contemplative cave where now I’m being nudged out of the cave to share more of my work, talk more about energy and basically heed the call to the mission.

I am by no means a master nor a leader, I am an Empath and from that core experience everything else has sprung. I spent most of 2020 in quiet contemplation, meditation and gestating on the visions, dreams and guidance I have been given the privilage to know..

So as it stands now, as we came right to the end of December I was asked to take a bigger step to heed the calling to service. This has resulted in my

Telegram channel and group ‘ Quantum Light Location Network

What is it about?

As the name suggests it is a group which is location based, meaning, As a StarSeed , Lightwarrior, Empath based in Ireland, I was recently given the task during meditation to create a’Geographical Location Group’ for energy workers/healers/intuitives living in Ireland to coordinate our energies as one.

This was the guidance I received in a deep meditation where I was on a journey with an ArchAngel, we flew to a mountain top in Ireland where we undertook much needed and speedy closing of a negative portal opening. We closed this down and it was here I was told to start a group to bring together energy workers on the land of Ireland in order for us to gather our collective abilities to work as one in the transmuting of negativity from the land, or whatever form that may present itself going forward.

Since the turning of the key in ULURU on the 21st December , for more about this, I was given a message for the collective about this, you can listen to it below..

a large scale flushing out of the lands is happening, so much residue of negative energies are being risen from the dregs of the earth where they no longer can inhabit, the light quotient is too strong now, in order to have some damage control as this energy tries to go elsewhere we in this Telegram group will conduct part of this neccessary work.


Where there is dark there is also Light

I have been transmuting the shadow work for years, I have grounded in the Light on many locations physically, now it is not so easy to travel around but never mind we have Telegram, this is the reason why we need many feet on the ground in many locations throughout Ireland all doing the work of bringing in the Light, transmuting the negative with LOVE/LIGHT Energy.

As a member of the Quantum Light Location network, I have included my training for working with the Love/Light energy shields with grounding and a short, quick ( I promise) meditation style visualisation.

This is a mission based group for Light warriors, Your own energy hygiene is a vital part of the work and responsibility towards the groups integrity and ALL of its members.

Full trainings and guidance will be provided.

See the videos below

What will we be doing?

  • Closing down negative portals if and when needed to
  • Assisting with establishing portals of light
  • Acting as conduits to allow the light frequency’s flow through to be grounded into Mother Earth
  • Co-ordinating times and dates for group/collective healing work as the guidance comes forward.
  • Unifying the Irish Lightwarrior/Starseed community
  • Assisting with activations of key star Portals

This is a private channel and group. It is by invite only.

Email me below with all of your questions and to receive the link.

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