After confirming contact information with you by email, all appointments are done through Zoom. I will use the deck of your choosing to receive the cards with the highest vibrational message for you. I will interpret the cards and other guidance that may come through from any of your spirit guides, Angels, Higher Dimensional beings or passed over loved ones if necessary. I always include extra vibrational advice in the form of recommending specific crystals or other help. I naturally channel light energy for you to receive what you need. Within this Zoom call, a high vibrational healing space is created and the session is recorded for you to have forevermore to continue to receive the healing vibrations generated within this sacred container.


5 Card Oracle Reading

Once you have booked , I will email you within 24 hours to confirm fully and send you a Preparation list that I recommend before our session to be in the best place to get the most out of our time together. Use the Calendar below to schedule your appointment.


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