We’re in this together!

Today I finally got around to doing the physical work that my spiritual self is so far ahead on. Did you know that it can take up to three years for the physical body to catch up with the soul and the spiritual lessons and healings before the energy is fully in sync together. But as time is speeding up I think maybe the time for us to integrate our spiritual selves right through o the physical is also shortening , we are evolving as a human species.

Lately, I have been called more and more into my Shamanic Galactic role, for the pas few years I have stumbled around understanding myself as an Empath, a sensitive one, the consciousness around my knowing of myself has too evolved into something I never knew was possible before now.

In recent weeks, as I journey within my meditations, I come back to ‘reality’ with guidance , healing and messages for the collective. I also have sat on some messages for awhile still unsure of what to do with them as I know to many whom know me will discover they have no idea of how much hey dont know this aspect of me, as I do not readily share my deeper inner work. But now the call I hear form the light is the same call I send out to other Star seeds and Light warriors. We are beginning to gather our courage collectively and speak of the most difficult subjects.

I have begun the recording of some of my messages on Youtube, with many more to follow.
As I allow more and more of my being to be, I allow the process to flow from me now. All I have to do is flow with it. No more struggling, No more staying small.

I Hear the call. I Honour the mission.

This video message is one I have been led to share, it was not easy to share this but it is getting easier as I hear the call, I honor the mission more than my insecurities to talk about the real gritty work that goes on behind the scenes in the astral planes. I astral/shamanic journey a lot these days, no two journeys are the same, so in response, I posted an earlier video on protecting oneself when entering Sleep/Dreamtime which might be a good video to start with before watching my latest video. You can find it on this link


As warriors of light, we are working hard at night time.

Blessed Be.xo

Siobhán is a CelticGalactic Shaman, a natural Intuitive, a Channel,  AURA, and RAAH Reiki Hypnosis practitioner and Oracle card reader.
Find links to youtube in my profile  or copy and paste this link


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