Welcome!! to the Quantum Celtic Way, the way of the Celtic shaman…

Dreaming for Real..

The Gifts our Dreams are bringing us

Lets go more into this to understand what’s happening when we dream, And what is relevant about or dreams when put into certain contexts. I’m writing this post in the unforgettable , historic year of 2020, for so many reasons, an epic year, life will never be the same again, it is not going back to normal, ever and I Thank God everyday for this, for it means that we ‘the humans’ are entering into the much talked about Aquarian age.

We are Ascended into this new era now.

More and more of us now upon ‘ awakening’ are evolving , maturing spiritually and as we do this so too is our experiences as we come into more self-integration. So too are our external and our internal selves meeting in the same etheric space which is somewhere deep internally either in what we recognize by virtue of signs or symbols like finding a feather for example, or seeing a shape in the clouds to help give us confirmation on something we asked about, internally, we receive more subtle indicators which can be harder to pay attention to until we do. For example, having a new warm sensation within our sacral/solar plexus area when we are contemplating making a decision?? or as we step outside feeling a desire to feel the coolness of the air or the comforting warmth of the sun on our faces, in this moment we sense something else other than the physical, we have an insight or a vision or we think we hear a sound or perhaps a message, the answer to our current situation. AS we are changing so too are our extra sensory perceptions changing.

Which is why when we are in our Dream state, this year more than ever, so many are having active dream memory’s of travelling in their sleep time and reporting vivid recollections of having clear visions of some of the incredible operations occurring worldwide politically in all facets of what that means. As I’m writing this we know that much great work is been carried out through the cosmos and in the underground which all yet has to be revealed.

During our sleep time we are in a perfect state of deep relaxation for our minds to connect clearly to our higher selves, our deeper state of consciousness or whichever term you prefer to call it. I’m going to refer to this connection as our Higher self. This is the part of us of our soul that contains all the information we need, it is that which guides us, oversees our protection and our destined events, all of learning and life’s lessons are known by the Higher self.

And so, when we enter into sleep we are never alone.

So when we are ‘awoken’ within this reality we refer to as life and then we fall ‘asleep’ at night, we wonder where does life really begin and end. Maybe our dreaming state is when we are truly awoken.

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